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In the Age of Free Online Ivy League Education

August 16, 2011


Free education! Buy one, heck- two! Buy one for all your friends and family!¬†It’s good for the lymph. </khatzumoto> MIT’s OpenCourseWare Stanford’s Youtube Channel Harvard’s Open Learning Initiative¬† Open Yale Courses Khan Academy Better Explained PatrickJMT: Patrick Just Math Tutorials <(I’ve had all of these links for a long time. It was just easier when […]

Success Environments

August 8, 2011


As according to my introspective psychoanalysis and self-experiments, I can safely say that successful people spawn from success-environments. From everything that surrounds me, from friends, pictures, music, video, (audio) books, from any sort of media or environment-immediate information dispenser, there are plenty of noticeable, interconnected results. From remembering Japanese so I can actually use my […]

Theoretically Applying Environment-Birthlines

August 3, 2011


(Note: This is simply a reiteration from my comment on AJATT. I actually plan to follow through with this. I post it here so that it’s forever in my blogging history, never to be forgotten.) I wondered if someone were to simply set up a trial where all their goals were changed to this format. […]

Kittens and their Real-Life Circumstances

July 30, 2011


Lessons in life are best learned in life, not in removed contexts. Being raised in the American public school system (so I’m dealing with this specific context) I was taught that I was preparing for everyday life by attending school. But from the very beginning, that statement always irked me. You mean to tell me […]

My 1 Week Trial Away from Social Networking

July 22, 2011


My experiment with no social networking was pretty successful. I’ll only list a short amount of the pro’s. #1. All I had to focus on was the here and now. No splitting my mind everywhere at once in a ball of non-productivity. With no notifications, pokes, or even the urge to look at a complete […]

Social/Friendship Thoughts Log #1

July 19, 2011


Cut the people who don’t represent your greater vision out of your life. I’ve been back and forth between the same 5+ friends I’ve surrounded myself the most with, and I’ve had it. When I’m friends with them, the days are foggy, I “have no time in the day to do anything” (except socialize with […]

Burning Bridges or: Options, Their Limits, and Their Possibilities

June 25, 2011


Simple and clean: We gravitate to that which is the only option. Missions are that: missions. There is no other option but to succeed. Are we setting up the components of an existence that forces us to succeed? Then we aren’t really going anywhere. We may have a place to go, and we may act […]