Success Environments

Posted on August 8, 2011


As according to my introspective psychoanalysis and self-experiments, I can safely say that successful people spawn from success-environments.

From everything that surrounds me, from friends, pictures, music, video, (audio) books, from any sort of media or environment-immediate information dispenser, there are plenty of noticeable, interconnected results. From remembering Japanese so I can actually use my computer, to having set out magazines and books all over my bed, there is an impact; I read Japanese and I read for five hours past my first set bed time. Turn on an audiobook while I drive or do anything not intellectually stimulating? Suddenly the audiobook plays and plays, sneaking sweet nothings in to my ear and influencing my decisions with such information and by the person releasing it.

Every goal you want to set should have a premade environment. An area where you can’t possibly escape the goal without tremendous pain. An area you can try to escape, but ultimately helps your mind resist any other options.

Success can be anything you want, from buying that new Tesla Roadster to simply waking up in the morning. And I have a promise: if you let your environment be consumed with these goals, you’ll not only drive the car of your dreams; you’ll live to go on to other, higher, perhaps more reasonable goals.

So from what I’ve deduced, not only are successful people born from successful environments; They train the habit of breeding their own. Sure, you finally get the nerve to set up an environment filled with nothing but Korean language media, but what’s keeping you from just staying in that environment, never to move on to the next thing? Sure, your mind has perfectly acclimated and assimilated to Korean awesomeness. Now, are you going to do anything else? Perhaps I’m just ranting here. But my point is, when it comes down to it, successful people owe their success to their success-environments, but ultimately what makes the person successful (as opposed to being just a success-byproduct) is their ability to construct these environments on their own.

Instead of just being a product of success, successful people are those who actively take control of their lives by diligently applying and creating these environments of success.

Successful person = Diligent creator of Successful creators (environments) of Successful persons.

Something to chew on.

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