Social/Friendship Thoughts Log #1

Posted on July 19, 2011


Cut the people who don’t represent your greater vision out of your life.

I’ve been back and forth between the same 5+ friends I’ve surrounded myself the most with, and I’ve had it.

When I’m friends with them, the days are foggy, I “have no time in the day to do anything” (except socialize with them), and most importantly: I start to forget who I am and who I want to be.

It’s an interesting concept. One of my best friends (who I don’t mind hanging out with; it’s an intellectual spar/sharing) and I have tested this: when we are around our other friends, we become completely changed. He’s no longer the rogue physicist experimenting at his will, nor is he any longer a deep thinker. “I have to go home to think,” is the message he gave me.

And it’s the same with me. I’m secretly this huge linguist, musician, reader and philosopher (in the most ambitious use of terms 😀 ). But you’d never know if we were to “have fun” with my friends. All of that disappears. On a Saturday morning I’m contemplating my progress with Spanish and Japanese, reading a biography on the great Tesla, and composing a harmonic multitude of pieces— all in my mind. But on a Sunday night hang-out with my friends, all I can think about is “How much more fun can I have?” and “I want to make them laugh”. Of which I’m successful, but successful in what?

Does putting my life on hold for the moments of fun with “friends” actually make sense? Does it make sense to put my creative, cognitive, dreaming mind to rest while I simultaneously use other faculties… to the opposite effect?

Am I really going to hold on a group of people who neither care nor want me to move way and move on with my life?