Mind-strings and Learning

Posted on December 5, 2010


Language only makes sense in relation to everything else.¹

In language, distinctions are key.

All the foreign worlds we seek lie in walking distance.²

We, as writers, have the astonishing ability/creative power to create new beings with creative depth, but many forget they already live in walking distance.

We’re so curious about exploring foreign worlds but have yet to explore our own.

Take language classes if you want to deconstruct a language (an impossible task) in the most boring, ineffective way possible; do what is fun in the language  and you will learn.³

Take boring classes to know (academically), have fun to explore(/learn).³

Language is only understood through the relation of its parts.

Learning vocabulary separate from sentences is like taking a goldfish out of its bowl, and watching it flail everywhere (in your mind).

Language is not the words in the context, but the context in (and around) the words. (Also, the context in and around sentences)

Some say you should push through the pain. I prefer being pulled in by the fun. And if it’s fun enough, you’ll push through anything just to return to it.

No matter what the methods are, language acquisition boils down to this: keep going.

On using the spaced repetition system to memorize cards: The single cards aren’t remembered for themselves, but are remembered in the context of the other cards. (Too much focus on the cards on themselves forgets them, a clear intented focus on the forest will remember them all; the trees are what makes the forest, not the forests are what makes the trees)

When you can not see, turn on the light. When there is no light, turn off the dark.

Sound – Markings – Symbol – Alphabet – Vocabulary – Sentence – Paragraph – Pages – Books – Libraries – World/Experiences


¹Meaning context (of a situation, an event, a discussion. And Japanese is only Japanese because it isn’t any other language.

²A call to immersion; immersion is possible in less than walking distance, even.

³I would add “Have fun and you wont need to learn.” If you’re having fun, it isn’t just “learning”. When you have fun, the natural progression of things obviously lead to fluency. Because you keep showing up. You keep doing it.


These are ideas of others and of mine that I’m continuing to refine.

Instead of tossing them away, (they had no where to go) I thought I would post them. So readers can take what they want, and continue to refine them on they’re own.

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