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Posted on November 20, 2010


100% of success is taking that first step.

“…then once you get started, things start to… take a life of their own.” via @youtube

Just take a small step. You’d be surprised what happens when you taken one step followed by another followed by another.

“The giant pine tree grows from a tiny sprout…the journey of a thousand miles begins beneath your feet” via @youtube

“The master… takes advantage of solitude…uses it to his/her benefits.”– The Tao te Ching – Episode #78 via @youtube

“…it’s the hardest thing in the world to do what we want…and it requires the greatest kind of courage.” via @youtube

RubberBand 遊車河 MV via @youtube

“The world needs demonstration more than instruction” – The Science of Being Great – Episode #85

“we just take the next step, the next step, the next step, and trust that everything will become what we want it to be.”

The most momentous leaps of growth commonly have as their springboard fairly modest first steps. – Nathaniel Brandenposted

“…the small choices bear us irresistably toward our destiny.” via @youtube

“Are you closer right now to where you want to be… than where you were 30 minutes ago?” via @youtube

“He didn’t know it was impossible… he just put in his time.”– The Other 90% – Episode #87

RT @ajatt: FSI rankings do accurately reflect how crappy the mainstream methods being used to “teach” certain languages are. 😛

Check this video out — RHYMESTER 耳ヲ貸スベキ via @youtube

RT @jmc22: Todays quote: Always give up on explaining it. Never give up on doing it. @ajatt

RT @ajatt: Don’t ever stop learning Chinese, ever | WooChinese

RT @ajatt: @Cush1979 Massive-Context Cloze Deletion Cards. They’ve replaced all my Japanese sentence cards. 10,000 sentences…is dead 😀 #MCD

RT @serpent849: @sandra0603 don’t hurry up. “writing won’t help you write better. reading will” –@ajatt

RT @phxrx: 「同じ英語を勉強していても、イヤイヤしていたら、それは、ただの教育です。でも、好きでやっていたら、それは、学習になります」 -中谷彰宏

「でも、おばあさん、まあ、なんてきみのわるい大きなお口だこと。」 「おまえをたべるにいいようにさ。」

RT @ajatt: “what many people don’t realize is that children also forget a language just as quickly” | So true!

RT @ajatt: Using Software to Accelerate Learning | Project Rena “we use SRS software to enhance Rena’s reading ability” at 13:45:46Permalink – 2010å¹´11月08日


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